Things I Wish I’d Known

10 Ways I Made My Life Better In 2017

I hate long introductions. Shall we just?…

December 2016, I was drinking coffee like water. I wouldn’t have declined an espresso at 10pm if I was working. I started getting heart palpitations and headaches; I knew it was time to start simmering down from 7 cups a day, all with a small helping of milk and sugar. For the majority of 2017 I stuck to 2 a day, switching from dairy to soya and eventually to almond (soya is not my friend, ’tis my frenemy) and cutting out sugar in my coffee completely. No shakes, no headaches and better sleep. If anything I love coffee more when I don’t drink it all the live long day.

Hasten to add, I no longer belong to said gym. I don’t like the gym. But for 2017, partially influenced by the idea that I needed to get super fit in order to fix my shit and get a man who wasn’t worth getting (I didn’t get him) I joined up and actually did get a little bit fitter. And I needed that to remind me that I enjoy fitness and that I can really get some o’that muscle where I want it.
BUT. I really hate the gym. This year I’m going to put the energy into early morning workouts at home, buying my own equipment and trying some new classes instead. But I very much appreciate the lessons gained from sticking to a gym routine for a year!



Are You Relying On ‘Quick Fixes’?

In my bible, that looks somewhat different to the average bible, because it looks like Christine Hassler’s 20 Something 20 Everything, there is a short chapter, highlighted in my copy to almost pure ugly pink-ness, called The Lure of Quick Fixes.

Is this Kate abut to get straight into the point of a blog rather than chit-chat shit for three paragraphs first?

Yes it is.

20 Something 20 Everything is my number one recommended book for clients; I featured it in my top books for women in their 20’s and I direct every woman who comes to me to it because I continue to think it’s the most brilliant book I’ve ever read. Today I wanted to talk specifically about the idea of these Quick Fixes, because as I was sitting in the dentist chair recently, having what I call my ‘fangs’ filed down to resemble normal incisors after it bothering me since I was a teen, I realised just how much sooner I could have fixed this problem, rather than relying on quick fixes to make me feel better…because they were a cheaper option.

Finally ticking off that silly goal to get my teeth fixed wasn’t my ‘quick fix’; it was my actual fix.  (more…)


25 Things I’d Tell My 24 Year Old Self

I turn, though I am in heavy denial, the big 25 tomorrow, and given my tendency to reflect on everything everywhere all the time, I thought I’d share some lessons learned in the last year. It’s been a funny one, but a really very good one, if I look back on the whole year.
Despite people shouting “QUARTER OF A CENTURY” at me increasingly as tomorrow approaches, I’m feeling excited about 25, if 24 is anything to go by.

This is just a handful of things I’d tell myself this time last year if I could, not that I’d change a thing…



Things I Wish I’d Known #7

ONE.  It is much better to wish that you hadn’t said something than to wish that you had & never know what the response would be. Just effing say it.

TWO.  Stalking your ex/whoever has gripped your infatuation is like a virtual self-harm, as my bestie Becky discussed on the blog a few weeks ago. You are literally only hurting yourself & it’s completely unnecessary. You set yourself up for craziness. Becky is a heck of a writer so I recommend you have a read.



6 Things We Can Learn From Ice Cream For Breakfast

I confess, unapologetically, that I will most probably read every one of Laura Jane’s blogs/articles, fangirl over her #laurajanenaked and #lauradoesless hashtags on Instagram, and review any book she ever writes even if one day she pens a book on —–, because it would probably still be a good read.

I reviewed Laura Jane’s Becoming after I fell in love with it within a day back in October and I over-enthusiastically told anyone who would listen about it for a good three months. It taught me to appreciate break-ups as new beginnings, to enjoy being okay being on your own, and to be a better writer simply by being honest. So OF COURSE I was thrilled to hear she was writing another book. And of course I knew it was going to be something beautiful and brilliant when I heard the title Ice Cream for Breakfast.

Devoured within a day again. Dog-eared far too many pages. Even forced myself to do the 19 Things I Like About Myself list.


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