Childish Communication Habits To Cut Out!

Hello! This week I wanna talk about negative communication habits – we’re all guilty of one or another. We learn them at an early age when we establish what seems to work in our favour and carry them into adulthood despite how childish they actually are.

For the last few months I’ve been concentrating on communicating better, due to my horrible avoidance of difficult conversations of any kind and my inability to be frank when somebody is pissing me off. I’m working on being better at communicating in the most mature way possible and avoiding any kind of counter-productive communication. I go by the famous filter : “Is it true? Is it kind? Is it necessary?”

I’ve been taking note of all the ‘bad’ ways we communicate nowadays, with friends, boyfriends, parents, authority figures, and THIIIIISSSS is what I think ought to be cut out of communication if we want positive, healthy and mature relationships…And if you spot any you’re guilty of (BE HONEST), maybe you fancy joining me?  (more…)


Why Do We Cling On To So Much Baggage?

I was having a long chat with a friend of mine recently. He won’t mind me sharing this. Because I’m not going to tell him.
He was sharing details on his latest array of maybes while I rolled my eyes but couldn’t help but relate because I’m undoubtedly as fussy as he is when it comes to who takes my fancy. He is, however, on another level. She’s too skinny. She’s got a funny nose. She talks too much. She’s a bit too sensitive.
And they all sound great to me. They’re all gorgeous and they all sound perfect for him. But he will always find a reason to keep his distance, usually once he’s already got ’em hooked. He will quietly admit that he has ‘commitment issues’; he had a shitty break-up a few years ago after the girl he adored cheated and took off. So I get it. I really do get it. I’m a little terrible with the ol’ trust issues myself; it only takes one person to teach you not to trust, but I am learning that only has to be true if we allow it.  (more…)


The Things I’ve Learned Lately

ONE.  None of us are fucking up like we think we are. We’re always making progress even if we don’t feel like we are.

TWO.  It’s not unhealthy to dwell a little, because that’s how you figure out what you think and what matters to you. That’s what opens your mind to new perspectives & helps you realise what you don’t want to do again. It’s what matures you. You should spend time dwelling, but not so much that you pass off chances to live & make new memories…and more shit to dwell over.



GUEST POST : On The Harm of Social Media Stalking

Delivering you straight to my favourite woman Becky today. She is the relationship advice where I fail to be so because my primary occupation is avoiding relationships. She is my sanity and my bad influence and I am certain that you’ll love her as much as I do. She also quite possibly talks even more than I do, so I’ll let her get straight to it…



10 Things That Matter More Than His Abs

Traipsing the internet for a suitable image of a man’s abs is just exhauuuusting. Woe is me.
Needs must, of course. I couldn’t just whip a photo out of the Camera Roll like I do most blog posts…as tempting as that was.

I do like me some abs on a man. I’m in no position to regard them as a necessity since my own abs are on a very long sabbatical, but I am unapologetically appreciative of some goods abs. And some good arms. And some good hands. Is this getting weird now?
You’re a smart woman, you know that looks don’t count for everything despite how increasingly obsessed we are as a generation with looking good and making sure, with the aid of social media and useful filters, that everybody else knows we look good. Physical attraction can only carry you so far, and it should only carry your affections so far. (more…)


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