Healthy Habits To Add To Your Daily Routine

Daily habits, of the positive variety it seems, take a lot more conscious effort than the ‘bad habits’, don’t they? I can quite easily find myself six coffees in with little recollection; I’m sure a smoker finds their own vice pretty effortless. But to floss my teeth or put my phone down an hour before bed takes a real vigorous attempt of me.

Experts say it takes 21 days to form a habit. (There’s a super piece on the Huffington Post on the science behind forming habits and it’s now assumed it’s actually about 66 days.) I don’t at all agree with 21 days; I’ve been trying to make a daily habit out of flossing for several years. I think it depends a great deal upon the habit; how time-consuming it is, how much physical effort it requires, how fun-sucking it is.
I also think that to unlearn a bad habit takes even longer, proven by the difficulty of giving up smoking or trying to stay off of social media for more than five minutes. (more…)


9 Tips For Coming Off The Pill

SO. A month or so ago I shared a post on my experience with coming off of the Pill after a reeeally long consistent use of it. I was fascinated by how my body reacted; it was like being a different woman. I had so many conversations about the Pill following the post; other women’s experiences with being on it and coming off it. It’s still an annoyingly taboo topic so I was glad to be able to really chat to women of all different ages, and it turns out, unsurprisingly but irritatingly, that not many of us reeeeally know what’s happening in our bodies when we’re taking the Pill, or how it’s going to react when we stop taking it (a little like your reaction when you’re dumped by text, for want of a better example). (more…)


What Happens When You Come Off The Pill?

Hello hi there I’d like to talk about the Pill today. Approaching 25 I have only just learned what I’d consider to be vital information about the contraceptive pill, and ja darling I could have looked it all up a long time ago, but I’m kinda pissed off that when I joined the club at 17, the only fillers I was given was that I should still use condoms, I might gain weight and I must take the pill at the same time every day.
The cancer risk rumours, the oomph in anxiety theories and the by-the-way-you-might-not-actually-feel-like-having-sex-at-all-now-that-you’re-on-this-thing-that-was-supposed-to-make-your-sex-life-easier hush hush that nooooobody mentioned, was all just information that sporadically swam my way throughout my 7 years on the Pill.

In fact, over the 7 years I made perhaps only two repeat prescriptions that required me to check in with a nurse about how my Pill of choice was working for me. At 17 I’d actually started taking it cause I would get such horrendous cramps that I’d have to adopt the fetal position clasping a hot water bottle for two days every month.
I was very lucky. I gained no extra weight and I didn’t think I had any problems with the first Pill I was put on, so Cilest and I formed a long friendship. She also gave me really good skin. What a babe.

When I was younger and sitting in the doctor’s office awaiting my repeat prescription and the nurse asked how it was working for me, the idea of whether I felt anxious or tired or cranky or completely not horny at all didn’t enter my mind. I haven’t gotten pregnant yet, Debra, so I’d say it was working pretty well.

But how, actually, was it working for me? (more…)


5 Ways I’m Taking Better Care of Myself


It seems the older you get, the less you seem to sit around discussing your sex life and the people that are getting on your nerves this week, and the more you seem to talk about actual life. You talk more seriously about your latest attempts at cooking healthy meals, you discuss your next career moves with the openness for others’ opinions and you chat about how you are really genuinely attempting to be a better version of yourself in a way that would make your 18 year-old self quite sick.
And you do all of this while sipping wine that you’ve chosen for taste because somehow you’ve acquired basic knowledge and actually enjoy it now, with awareness that you won’t drink too much because you have work early tomorrow. At the end of the night, you all get out your planners to arrange the best date for your next get together. You all have planners. Because you are getting older.

You really do want to be better at being you now. You want to take care of yourself and feel consistently productive and progressive. You care much less about going out every night, and care much more about improving yourself every day. (more…)


Things I Wish I’d Known #3


ONE.  The friend that you’re a little concerned about going on holiday with because she has amaaaazing boobs and a teeny tiny waist and no evident cellulite is also concerned about being in a bikini next to you. Everybody envies each other. Both of your bodies are lovely.
(I mean but seriously, like her thighs don’t wobble or meet in the middle?)

TWO.  Even if you don’t think you were in the wrong, you’re much better off just apologisng so you can move on. Regardless of who’s right it’s important to apologise for your side of an argument and stop being so bloody stubborn.

Unless of course they really did do you wrong. Then don’t give them the time of day.


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