How to Be a Babe In Red Lipstick


It is National Lipstick Day! I love a National day of any kind, especially if it involves mojitos, cake or lipstick.

So in the spirit, I thought I’d share my favourite tips & tricks for the perfect enviable red lip.
Red lipstick isn’t at all difficult to pull off, but requires a little bit of perfectionism and upkeep! It’s certainly not an apply-once baby.
BUT. It is easy. It screams glamour and confidence and calls for minimal eye make-up, which suits me just fine when I can’t be doing with liquid liner, which is most of the time. It’s my favourite look for a night out that doesn’t involve dinner (because smudging will happen), and the quickest addition to a jeans & t-shirt outfit to give it a bit of oomph. (more…)


6 Little Unnecessary Ways to Spoil Yourself

haute-chocolate-styled-stock-photography-spring-2016-la-vie-en-rose-2-finalShould I be encouraging that money won’t buy happiness and that we must find internal ways of making ourselves happy? Absolutely.
Am I going to? Probably not.I do believe money won’t buy you happiness. I’m not impressed by fancy cars or designer clothes or watches that allow you to read your texts on your wrist even though you’ll pick up your phone to reply anyway so what is the point and you just look like you have great difficulty telling the time (strong opinions on ‘smart’ watches).But of course, one usually needs money to pay for many of the things that makes one happy. It’s undeniable for the majority of us that, occasionally, material items make us happy, even if they’re not typically deemed ‘materialistic’. A good book makes me very happy, but I have to pay for it. Fancy coffee undoubtedly and quite infuriatingly gives me great pleasure, and god knows I spend money on those.I’m not going to go into the ins and outs of the pleasures that money can’t buy and how we definitely should seek some internal happiness. I think it’s really important, but all being honest I can’t be bothered and I’m chit-chatting about treating yo’self and I already have an issue with word limits anyway. I know you already know. You’re a very smart lady. I don’t even need to explain or excuse; I like to spend my hard earned money on pretty things sometimes, especially if I’ve had a shitty day or a man is taking up too much of my mind.