6 Things We Can Learn from Daisy Buchanan’s How To Be a Grown Up

Feeling like my life is an almost toppling tower of books (quite literally) waiting patiently on my nightstand hoping to be picked up and feeling increasingly ignored when my head hits the pillow instead. So many books, so little time. Is it acceptable to say that even when I’m out, opening the next bottle of wine and laughing obnoxiously with friends, that a tiny part of me would rather be curled up on the sofa with my nose in a book instead? Not sure if I’m turning 25 or 75.

In my old lady defence, there are SO many books out that require devouring at the moment! I was so excited for April to swing around (although the months can now SLOOOOW down please) because I’d finally be getting my hands on Hannah Witton’s Doing It, Daisy Buchanan’s How To Be a Grown-Up and Laura Jane William’s Ice Cream For Breakfast. I love all three of these ladies and their work so I was thrilled to finally have copies of their books in my hands.

Apparently I was so excited for How To Be a Grown-Up that I pre-ordered it twice. (more…)


GUEST POST : On The Harm of Social Media Stalking

Delivering you straight to my favourite woman Becky today. She is the relationship advice where I fail to be so because my primary occupation is avoiding relationships. She is my sanity and my bad influence and I am certain that you’ll love her as much as I do. She also quite possibly talks even more than I do, so I’ll let her get straight to it…



I Feel Bad About Fitting In A Pair Of Jeans

Last week, probably edging on two weeks ago now, I was thrilled because I could fit into a pair of jeans that I couldn’t get past my thighs a couple of months ago.
I’d been rummaging amongst my pile of trousers – must organise those – searching for a pair of denims without rips and holes, and found what I assumed were my black work jeans. Faded from too many washes and not designed for long people with wide hips; require pulling up belt or no belt all f**king day.
But they went straight up past my hips, right up to the waist. Button up. These weren’t the same jeans at all; these were the £20-ers that had been banished to the corner of the wardrobe because their not fitting obviously wasn’t my fault. And here they were just gliding up those thunder thighs like they hadn’t previously caused such a fuss. Hallelujah. (more…)


How To Stick To Your Habits Using a To-Do List

They say you shouldn’t speak too soon, and obviously I did when I wrote about my experience with coming off the Pill and how breezy it’d been, because after five days of realising my cycle just kind of does what it wants now, with my tracker app checking in every morning like “Has your period started yet?” (we are both as nervous as each other, app), along period came with cramps coming back with a vengeance. Like all the cramps had saved themselves up over the years that I had tried to diffuse them and unleashed hell over one Monday when I had so much to do.

Once upon a time I would have ditched the to-do list. I don’t take pain killers, so I would have succumbed to the hot water bottle and thrown myself back into bed in the hopes of sleeping it off.

Lately I’m just trying to be better, and do better, and give it all a little more. Sometimes I don’t even know what I mean by being better.
So I chose not to quit the day just yet…maybe in a couple of hours.
I took my vitamins and gulped back a couple of green teas. I forced myself to work out – rumour has it a little exercise does cramps some good. I tidied up the mess I’d made over the weekend. I dealt with my eyebrows. The tiny things that form my Monday mornings. Tiny, irrelevant, ten-minute-if-that jobs. But I didn’t put them off. (more…)


10 Things That Matter More Than Your Abs

(Don’t ask. I had a point to prove.)

Earlier this week I shared a post on a list of 10 things that are more important than a man’s abs, as beautiful as they may be.

Which got me thinking about the importance we place on our own appearances. I feel like I drum it relentlessly down the ears of people who don’t care. I say it every time a woman berates her already beautiful body; YOU ARE MORE THAN YOUR BODY. Reeeally how our bodies look needs to be so far down on the level of significance in comparison to who we actually are. Last week’s post on our insisting that a man’s personality matches up to his abs was inspired by my shouting at a friend in a quiet coffee shop “You can’t make his body a defining quality, he’s an ass, that’s his defining quality. The best thing about him shouldn’t be his body!”.
And I don’t want the best of me to be my body (fortunate, cause apparently you don’t get abs eating cake & drinking wine?). I think there’s much too much emphasis on #bodygoals and not enough focus on how we ought to be smarter than we are hot, and practising being compassionate, and generally wanting to be better as humans every day. (more…)


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